BEGE Awards

The Idea behind Award

Our award - Madara Equestrian is a copy of one of the most ancient Bulgarian monuments, announced this year as a global symbol of our country. It is going to be put on the first Bulgarian Euro Coin. It is a symbol of the power of the first Bulgarian state and shows our ancient traditions in fine arts. One of the nine Bulgarian wonders announced as a World Heritage and protected by UNESCO.

Curtains - Entertainment

Curtains have always been synonymous with entertainment; there is no better way to show our commitment as an industry in bringing the best possible entertainment to our audience than the stylized curtains.

Glass - Opportunities

In Life there is always the need to propel, to move forward. We have discovered that opportunities only come to those who seek, and look beyond; that is why a symbol of our awards is the crystal clear glass, a window opened to the world.

Brass and Screw – Engineering

Man has moved forward because of his ingenuity. The brass and screw symbolize the constant evolution of technology, with belief that even the most sophisticated mechanism came to life because of the simplest elements like brass and the screw.

Madara Equestrian – Heritage

What is man without history? Heritage is the word that best describes our ability to build upon, and the Madara Equestrian is the embodiment of the spirit of the Balkan people.