Complete Multi Game solutions from AMATIC Industries at BEGE in Sofia

AMATIC Industries once again stood out at a local gaming exhibition for its innovative prowess in the field of Multi Game.

This time it was the turn of the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE), which took place between 21st and 22nd October at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The great choice of games with over 50 different games on offer – all integrated into Multi Game, the successful gaming concept from AMATIC – has rightly underlined the market perception of the company being able to offer one of the widest varieties of games for the Bulgarian market. The ‘Hot’ series (such as ‘Hot & Wild’) is very popular in Bulgaria along with further favored games like ‘Wild 7’ or ‘Bells on Fire’, which all are part of the AMATIC Multi Game configuration.

The new slant top gaming machine Performer Grand Arc is quickly gaining ground in Bulgaria. Its attractive curved design is a true eye-catcher and as Bulgarian operators are moving away from kits only and are looking for complete solutions more and more, they are finding the answer in this cabinet. Operators can offer their customers the Performer Grand Arc in two versions – with two or three monitors. The three-monitor design clearly displays the curved features better. Not only that, the jackpot system from AMATIC Industries is then integrated into the top monitor. For customers who prefer the two-screened version, the jackpot system can be linked to a separate monitor. Equipped with AMATIC’s Multi Game configuration, the Performer Grand Arc is a real winning combination for both, players just like operators.

“The Performer Grand Arc is the true hit for us at the BEGE”, explained Mr. Thomas Engstberger, Sales Manager at AMATIC Industries. “The design is just so unique, so pleasing to the eye, that players are instinctively drawn to it. Naturally the games keep the players playing and that is our greatest strength – Multi Game. The fact that we can offer over 50 games in our Performer Grand Arc makes AMATIC the right investment for the Bulgarian market. We were very pleased with the show and the contacts we made here”, Mr. Engstberger concluded.