VNE took largest change machine stand at BEGE

The Italian number one for change machines – VNE – had the strongest presence for change machines at this year’s Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) that was held between 21st and 22nd October at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia.

The investment in the BEGE was indeed the correct strategy for VNE, a company that dominates the world’s largest market in Italy for change machines and is now taking steps in bringing its change machine solutions to the global market.

The solutions cover all operator requirements. The new Smart Change is the small, compact change machine, ideal for AWP operations, especially for bars and pubs. The Smart Change recycles both notes into coins and coins into notes. It can recycle up to 60 banknotes – 30 of two different denominations.

The great benefit that VNE has is its experience in the VLT market for change. This VLT / casino solution was the highlight of the BEGE, with the Queen VLT change machine taking centre stage. Whether for ticket-in, ticket-out, player card or cash – all these money management systems are integrated into the Queen VLT. The capacity for note pay-out can be chosen by the customer him- or herself. For example, the Queen VLT is fitted as standard with a tower of Fujitsu banknote pay-out units (for 2,500 banknotes – five separate denominations of 500 notes each). This capacity can be doubled to a total of 5,000 banknotes as the sleek design enables two Fujitsu towers to be built into the Queen VLT. The Queen VLT also works with multi-currencies – that means it can be set to accept various currencies (e.g. Bulgarian lev, euros, dollars) and pay-out in the chosen currency. This PC-based Queen VLT can be fitted with either a banknote reader or banknote recycler.

“We design our change machines to enable the right components to be fitted for the right purposes. Our customers can therefore choose exactly what they require. Our great experience in all gaming segments – such as casino, VLT and AWP – together with our known success in our home market puts us in great shape to expand to international markets. That is why we chose not just to attend the BEGE but to exhibit here – for the first time. As a newcomer, we had the largest stand for change machines and this really shows how much we care about growing our business and supporting all our clients around the world”, noted Mr. Lorenzo Verona, commercial director at VNE.

All VNE change machines can be remotely controlled and users have direct access to their VNE change machines to view accounting details and indeed control the change machine as they wish. The VNE change machines can be connected to any type of system. This means, for example, that casino operators can ask for VNE regardless of which system they use.